Party: Sturgill Simpson with Cody Jinks at CrossroadsKC

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Patrick Carter Patrick Carter Billy Brady Billy Brady Chris Anderson Chris Anderson Pete Prescotte Pete Prescotte Tyler Mattan Tyler Mattan John P. Beatty John P. Beatty Matt Schram Matt Schram Chris Davis Chris Davis Corey Sprehe Corey Sprehe Joey Dwayne Hull Joey Dwayne Hull Chance Matlock Chance Matlock Dustin Hart Racen Dustin Hart Racen Shawn Sweeney Shawn Sweeney Andrew Wagner Andrew Wagner Jarod Clarke Jarod Clarke Dave Sheridan Dave Sheridan Brad Shamet Brad Shamet Sherman Breneman Sherman Breneman Michael Thomas Edmondson Michael Thomas Edmondson Damien Gunn Damien Gunn Colin James Nelson Colin James Nelson Dylan Thomas Dorrell Dylan Thomas Dorrell Beau Bledsoe Beau Bledsoe Kyle Kraft Kyle Kraft Chad Brothers Chad Brothers Greg Connally Greg Connally Matthew Stevens Matthew Stevens Brian Dean Brian Dean John Sherman John Sherman Nathan Reusch Nathan Reusch Rosco Maddock Rosco Maddock Connor Stanton Connor Stanton Phil Nixon Phil Nixon Brian Wingerd Brian Wingerd Aaron Braun Aaron Braun Jason Beers Jason Beers Joe Kerbawy Joe Kerbawy Blake Cook Blake Cook McClain Johnson McClain Johnson Daniel Buckmaster Daniel Buckmaster Jacob Skowronski Jacob Skowronski Chris Gomez Chris Gomez Steven Michael Tulipana Steven Michael Tulipana Chris Haghirian Chris Haghirian Bob Heifner Bob Heifner Bob Arbuckle Bob Arbuckle Mike DuCharme Mike DuCharme Matt Holloway Matt Holloway Justin Neighbor Justin Neighbor Kate Redding Kate Redding Brendon Lowe Brendon Lowe Chris Anderson Chris Anderson Aubrey Birkholtz Aubrey Birkholtz Matt Seifert Matt Seifert Joe Kerbawy Joe Kerbawy Daniel Buckmaster Daniel Buckmaster Bryan Wilson Bryan Wilson Droux Thomas Pearson Droux Thomas Pearson Trim Shop Trim Shop Troy Jones Troy Jones Value Shock Value Shock Derick Enloe Derick Enloe Matt Ando Matt Ando Aaron Stehman Aaron Stehman Humperdink Superdank Humperdink Superdank Ben Poff Ben Poff Pipeline Presents Pipeline Presents Grady Keller Grady Keller Bobby Curiel Bobby Curiel Daniel Turner Daniel Turner Ryan Rupert Ryan Rupert Kinsy Koeplinger Kinsy Koeplinger Zach Haze Zach Haze Matt Ando Matt Ando Matthew Kneidel Matthew Kneidel Aaron Stehman Aaron Stehman Steven LaRue Shelley Steven LaRue Shelley Ryan Wisner Ryan Wisner Matt Richey Matt Richey Chris Faulkenberry Chris Faulkenberry Troy Jones Troy Jones Trim Shop Trim Shop Derick Enloe Derick Enloe Brent Reed Brent Reed Jonah Loucks Jonah Loucks Joshua Flemings Joshua Flemings John Williams John Williams Nathan Knepper Nathan Knepper Lauren Krum Lauren Krum Robert Shadpound Shadrach Robert Shadpound Shadrach Pete Prescotte Pete Prescotte Beau Boehner Beau Boehner Ryan Bell Ryan Bell Brett Strathman Brett Strathman Alan Peterson Alan Peterson Jamie Braun Jamie Braun Billy Brady Billy Brady Josh Dinsmore Josh Dinsmore Kyle Grady Kyle Grady Ryan Bennett Ryan Bennett Kelli Kraft Fayard Kelli Kraft Fayard Chris George Chris George Curtis Phipps Curtis Phipps Jay Hunter Anderson Jay Hunter Anderson Brett Seeliger Brett Seeliger Jason Howland Jason Howland Daniel Deckert Daniel Deckert Carter House Carter House Trevan McGee Trevan McGee Jamie Francis Jamie Francis Kyle Hutchings Kyle Hutchings Justin Buck Justin Buck Levi Donals Levi Donals Adam Schaumburg Adam Schaumburg Jason Barr Jason Barr Patrick Carter Patrick Carter Alfred Baca Alfred Baca Mike Garcia Mike Garcia Matt Breit Matt Breit Frank Boatright Frank Boatright Andy Smith Andy Smith Ross Dessert Ross Dessert Aaron Brickey Aaron Brickey Dave Sheridan Dave Sheridan Jake Stanton Jake Stanton Lara Hale Lara Hale Sean Dowden Sean Dowden Jarod Clarke Jarod Clarke Jamie Renfro Jamie Renfro Shawn Sweeney Shawn Sweeney Ryan Wolsey Ryan Wolsey Jenna Curtis Jenna Curtis Corey Sprehe Corey Sprehe Jamie Bennett Jamie Bennett Chris Davis Chris Davis Chloe Sheridan Chloe Sheridan Matt Schram Matt Schram Jamie Harris Jamie Harris Dylan Thomas Dorrell Dylan Thomas Dorrell Richard Reischman Richard Reischman Sean Winter Sean Winter Jesse James Crupper Jesse James Crupper Carrie Gentry Carrie Gentry Seth Hershberger Seth Hershberger Michael Thomas Edmondson Michael Thomas Edmondson Andrew Wagner Andrew Wagner John P. Beatty John P. Beatty Rj Wolf Rj Wolf Kyle Kraft Kyle Kraft Jason Kilgore Jason Kilgore Gunn Dameo Gunn Dameo Dustin Hart Racen Dustin Hart Racen Kenny Ballinger Kenny Ballinger Joey Dwayne Hull Joey Dwayne Hull Kody Daniels Kody Daniels Blaze Christopher Blaze Christopher Peter Schmidt Peter Schmidt Brad Shamet Brad Shamet Sherman Breneman Sherman Breneman Chance Matlock Chance Matlock Michael Baxter Michael Baxter Clayton Smith Clayton Smith Drew Smith Drew Smith Rich Mcmillin Rich Mcmillin Steven E. Campbell Steven E. Campbell Brennan Kolb Brennan Kolb Roman Alexander Rojas Roman Alexander Rojas Matt Holloway Matt Holloway Lauren Ziegler Lauren Ziegler Justin Neighbor Justin Neighbor Christopher L. Gilmore Christopher L. Gilmore Jeffrey James Weedman Jeffrey James Weedman Steve Tulipana Steve Tulipana John Sherman John Sherman Andy Hess Andy Hess Adrian Summers Adrian Summers Phil Billy Phil Billy Bruce Harbry Bruce Harbry Aaron Braun Aaron Braun McClain Johnson McClain Johnson Bob Arbuckle Bob Arbuckle Billy Emerson Billy Emerson Michael Tipton Michael Tipton Phil Nixon Phil Nixon Matthew Stevens Matthew Stevens Brian Dean Brian Dean Rosco Maddock Rosco Maddock Michael McClintock Michael McClintock Jake Johnson Jake Johnson Dylan Belt Dylan Belt Mitch Jones Mitch Jones Greg Connally Greg Connally Jamie Beerup Jamie Beerup Christopher Tolle Christopher Tolle Brent Evenson Brent Evenson Mark Manning Mark Manning Kevin Calhoon Kevin Calhoon Travis Greer Travis Greer Nathan Reusch Nathan Reusch Mike Huntington Mike Huntington Kyle Dahlquist Kyle Dahlquist Brady Vest Brady Vest Connor Stanton Connor Stanton Christopher R. Miller Christopher R. Miller Sandee Darnall Sandee Darnall Ralph Tomlinson Ralph Tomlinson Chris 'Russ' Thomas Chris 'Russ' Thomas Justin Leach Justin Leach Brian Wingerd Brian Wingerd Stephen Eldred Stephen Eldred Chris Gomez Chris Gomez Jason Beers Jason Beers Wendy Hershberger Wendy Hershberger Trey Allison Trey Allison Todd Richards Todd Richards Steve Owens Steve Owens Mike DuCharme Mike DuCharme Lauren Reinholz Wittenborn Lauren Reinholz Wittenborn Steve Tubbert Steve Tubbert Sierra Eckard Sierra Eckard Chris Haghirian Chris Haghirian Brent Urban Brent Urban Jerry Courtney Jerry Courtney Holly Phyllis Holly Phyllis Cody Thomson Cody Thomson Blake Cook Blake Cook Shane Deaver Shane Deaver John Stoner John Stoner

Club: CrossroadsKC at Grinder's

Upcoming: 395
Date: 14.07.2015 20:00
Address: 417 E 18th St, Kansas City, United States | show on the map »

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