Party: Complex ft. Jimmy Edgar & Vakkuum

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Complex ft. Jimmy Edgar & Vakkuum

Club: Kremwerk

Upcoming: 108
Date: 23.12.2017 22:00
Address: 1809 Minor Ave, Seattle, United States | show on the map »

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Party: Complex ft. Jimmy Edgar & Vakkuum

$10 Tickets:
$15 at the door

Join us for a two-room dance party at the Kremwerk/Timbre Room Complex featuring...

Jimmy Edgar (ULTRAMAJIC / Hotflush / !K7 / Warp, Berlin - Detroit)

Jimmy Edgar is a renaissance man of talent, ideas, and style beyond his years. At 29, the Berlin-based Detroit native with a mischievous mystique has been a prolific artist and musician for two thirds of his enchanted life.

Sonically, he's fluent in a myriad of vernaculars, from "software as music" and glitchy underground Hip Hop to his signature glossy, erotically charged robot funk. Visually, he's established himself as an in-demand director, photographer, and multimedia artist with an impressive roster of videos, exhibits, and magazine work to his credit.

Born in August of 1983, Edgar was playing drums, keyboards, and saxophone, as well as experimenting with sound manipulation by the time he was an adolescent. To complement to his technical prowess, Edgar learned to play piano and "feel the music" in Detroit's Baptist churches. By the time he was 15, with help from a promoter friend, Edgar was spinning alongside hometown legends Atkins, May, and Saunderson in local strip clubs and raves. His early exposure to music, technology, spirituality, and seduction informed Edgar's creative impulses profoundly, and their confluence has become a recurrent motif in his work.

Vakkuum [Turbo Recordings]
Coming from a rural town in Vermont isn’t something you’d expect to discover when you first listen to some of Vakkuum’s music. His raw stripped down sound is music you’d expect to hear from someone who grew up going to parties in Berlin, not hiking around the woods. The talented producer has already managed to get the attention and playtime from some heavy hitters in the club circuit (Danny Daze, Tiga, Dense & Pika, and Brodinski.) With his latest EP ‘Speaker Sounds’ on Turbo Recordings already being well received amongst the electronic hierarchy the only way Vakkuum can go is up.

Sean Majors







Kemwerk - Timbre Room Complex
1809 Minor Ave
Seattle WA 98101


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Kremwerk is currently not an ADA accessible space. Club entry is through a flight of 12 metal stairs, with two small steps leading into the main part of the club. We have 2 restrooms with a total of 3 stalls and 1 urinal, all gender neutral. If you would like access to single-stall restrooms, please don't hesitate to ask our door & security to allow entry upstairs into Timbre Room, which has 2 single-stall gender-neutral restrooms.

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