Party: St. Patty's Day Party w/ Demon Waffle at the One Stop

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St. Patty's Day Party w/ Demon Waffle at the One Stop

Club: The One Stop at Asheville Music Hall

Upcoming: 9
Date: 17.03.2018 22:00
Address: 55 College St, Asheville, United States | show on the map »

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Party: St. Patty's Day Party w/ Demon Waffle at the One Stop

Genre: Ska/Punk/Reggae
Cover: Donations @ Door
Show: 10PM
Ages: 21+

Demon Waffle

Let’s all be honest with each other…you’re tired of listening to bands that are trying to jump on the latest trend. How many bands have you listened to that rushed out and bought a mandolin just to try to sound like Mumford and Sons? Tons right? Well, you’re in luck…we don’t have a mandolin, ukulele, or banjo. What we DO have is electric guitar, bass, and drums. And horns. Lots of ‘em. We’ve been playing together since ’09 and are the veterans of over 200 live shows. In this time we have built a solid following and played several regional festivals while gaining 3,000 Facebook “likes” and 6,000 Twitter followers. Just like we don’t play games with our music, we don’t play games when we market either…booking us means you get a full-court press on the booking front. We’ll make flyers and pass them out. We’ll march down the sidewalks of your city and play brass band music with sandwich board signs talking about how awesome you are for booking us. We’ll plaster your name and logo all over everything we touch. Quite simply put, we are a great investment for your venue or festival because we will do everything in our power to not only get people to your show but to surpass their expectations once they arrive. We are passionate about our music and passionate about selling it to your client base…unless you are against putting on a good show for your clientele and don’t like working with good, hard-working people there is no reason not to book us.