Party: The Freeway Revival w/ Crooked Coast at The One Stop

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The Freeway Revival w/ Crooked Coast at The One Stop

Club: The One Stop at Asheville Music Hall

Upcoming: 17
Date: 29.03.2018 22:00
Address: 55 College St, Asheville, United States | show on the map »

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Party: The Freeway Revival w/ Crooked Coast at The One Stop

Genre: Rock
Cover: Donations @ Door
Show: 10PM
Ages: 21+

The Freeway Revival

edicated song crafting has always been the cornerstone of The Freeway Revival. A group forged on the road, they continue to use their lyrics as a window into the life of a traveling band. The Freeway Revival's explosive blend of southern rock, funk, and psychedelic soul encapsulates a sound that feels strangely familiar yet remains entirely unique to itself.

Performing live, The Freeway balances organized, well-crafted tunes with a jam ethos that lends a raw and explorative power to the music. The blend of tasteful guitar harmonies, vibrant four-part vocal harmonies, and a unique assortment of piano and organ melodies creates a soundscape that is both intricate and energetic. Rest that on the groove of a solid rhythm section, and you are sure to feel the magnetic force of this band! Each member plays a vital role in making the live experience unforgettable.

The band has toured relentlessly behind their self-titled EP as well as their full length 2017 release 'Revolution Road', continually growing a dedicated grassroots fan base. The process of writing, recording and touring is ongoing and exponential as they allow the livelihood of what they do to shape their sound and experience.



Crooked Coast

Crooked Coast was formed in the summer of 2012 by Cape Cod natives Luke Vose, John McNamara, Ben Elder and Charles Walton. They distilled their hometown’s celebratory summers and harsh winters into the 2013 album Thanks for the Memories with infectious hooks, sweaty dance floor rhythms, big guitars and vivid wordplay.

For two years they toured the East Coast playing festivals, clubs, bars and colleges. They also conceptualized and self produced music videos and turned their band merchandise into a budding clothing line.
In 2015 they released Wildlife. described it as, “an album that pops with wild swagger.” Wildlife is the sound of a band that has grown together. The production is polished but the songs are brash. Driven by Walton and Elder’s thunderous rhythm section McNamara’s full throated rock ’n roll howl and Vose’s raw nerve, heart on the sleeve rap/singing volley back and forth over blistering guitar hooks. The album has shades of the Strokes on the doomed love song Domino, Social Distortion on the country punk number Martyr and Sublime on the sun bleached World Spins where Luke remembers, “I was sixteen in a Honda hatchback/ Doing one-sixteen down route six and back.”

The lead single “Go Back” is tipsy trip through the memories a small town. Charles Walton’s hip hop inspired drums drive the story about being pushed into a cold world. John McNamara sings, “I remember all the times before/ Well that won’t happen anymore/ All the times that I regret/ I’m all set/ You can’t go back again,” before the song breaks into gang chorus of brothers in arms.

Pixy 103 radio DJ Lori Lori quickly picked up the song saying, “I had to play them. It’s has a very catchy melody that will keep you singing long after you hear it. The music, the voices and the energy make this album one to own for sure.”

95.5 WBRU put the song into rotation as well saying, “The mix between indie rock and hip-hop is not too common, yet Crooked Coast manages to add a unique twist on both genres.” called it an, "infectious hard pop treat for the ears."

The winter of 2016 found them touring California where they played House of Blues, beach bars, LA rock clubs and recorded at BNV Studios Hollywood.

This year they finished an album slated for release September 2017 and dropped the single Go Slow. Inspired by the anticipation of his first child Luke raps, “Up in the morning the sun is still slumbering. I’m making that bacon and cups of Colombian. Feeling as bright as the sun in the summer. My baby is baking a bun in the over, that baby is coming.” John belts out a bouncy hook about taking a snapshot of the good times before they pass over the reggae influenced rhythm section.

Put The Night On shows the the band flexing their songwriting skills over heavier grooves like the disco punk sing along People Say, the reggae rock banger Akrasia and the west coast dream song California. They wrote their first "lighters in the air," ballad Trying where John McNamara sings about late nights and hard luck love. Dead Presidents is classic Crooked Coast, a bouncy hip hop inspired pursuit of the root of all evil. Cape Cod and Fall Asleep are big loud rock 'n roll parties.

The band also opened the flagship Crooked Coast store summer ‘17 to keep up with the demand for their apparel and merchandise. The Crooked Coast store doubles as an office and creative space where they host art shows and other community events in the band’s hometown of Falmouth, MA.

Crooked Coast is a place created out of dreams and built from the ground up. The spirit of freedom and DIY is alive and well.