Party: 1-800-Dinosaur with James Blake DJ Set, Airhead, Dan Foat, Klaus, Mr Assister & Trim

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Party: 1-800-Dinosaur with James Blake DJ Set, Airhead, Dan Foat, Klaus, Mr Assister & Trim


Saturday 27th September
The Warehouse, Leeds, LS1 2RG
11pm till 6am

Tickets available from -

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We are thrilled to announce that the widely respected James Blake will be coming to Leeds with the 1-800-Dinosaur imprint for an exclusive appearance to kick off our autumn/winter season. Joining James is label manager & resident Dan Foat, alongside Mr Assister, Airhead, Klaus and Trim who promise to deliver an eclectic mix of their cutting edge sound to The Warehouse.

The legendary 1-800-Dinosaur events spawned from the after parties of James Blakes live shows whilst they were on tour in North America. Bringing the vibe and atmosphere back to Shoreditch with them, the night has now fully blossomed into a respected, forward thinking eclectic imprint that enables James and the gang to release their non album related material, such as James Blake's Voyeur Dub:

Music policy: "100% loose, anything goes."

This is not one to be missed.

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Student Early Bird Tickets : £8
Standard : £10 / £12 / MOTD
Tickets available from
Crash Records 0113 243 6743
Jumbo Records 0113 245 5570

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